About Us

Workforce solutions to meet current & future demands

Aegis Consulting provides workforce solutions to meet current and future business demands of our customers. Our services include, various workforce solutions, SOW based projects and fulltime resource deployments. We serve our customers both nationally and globally.


Grow your organizational capacity

Organizational Assessment Capacity Bulding and Technical Assistance Professional Development so you can do your best work.

Design evidence - formed and based strategies

Needs Assessment, Environmental Scans, Literature Reviews so you can have the biggest impact.

Develop, manage and oversee programs, projects and large-scale initiatives.

Initiative Design and Development, Program Implementation, Program Coordination and Management so you can do more.

Collect and use relevant and timely data

Formative Evaluation, Summative Evaluation, Case Studies, User-friendly research reports and presentations to help you better understand program and participant outcomes.


Our Work with Aegis helped our client in reducing the yearly cost for Peoplesoft maintenance by 24%. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.
— Cendien
The IT support service provided by Aegis is terrific. It relieves us of the responsibility of system maintenance, while providing peace of mind that our system is protected, compliant and efficient. Using a 3rd party vendor is much more cost effective than hiring full time personnel. I am pleased to recommend Aegis Consulting, as they provide a highly valued service to our firm.
— Infolob
The services provided by Aegis have become an integral part of our business operations. By selecting Aegis as our outsourced IT partner, our firm has been able to effectively utilize technologies that substantially increase our productivity, allows us to better serve our clients and keeps us ahead of the competition.
— Intellisoft